At The GreenHarvest Group we understand that modern farmers face a multitude of economic, agricultural and environmental pressures. Yield maximization and nutrient efficiency are paramount, but expensive Nitrogen fertilizers can squeeze profit margins and are damaging to the soil and surrounding water tables. Historically, the most efficient, yield-maximizing fertilizing practices have also been the most expensive and most environmentally damaging. As a result, soil organic matter is depleted and overall soil health declines. Until now, no single product has been introduced with the ability to address all these issues at once and on a large scale. GreenHarvest™ technology represents a unique solution that can simultaneously:

  • boost farm output by maximizing crop yields and bringing infertile land into production
  • significantly reduce farmer costs
  • decrease dependence on Nitrogen and other chemical applications
  • improve quality of crops grown
  • increase overall land health and value
  • reduce pollution from nutrient runoff and greenhouse gas emissions

For ease of application, GreenHarvest™ products are available in standard sized prills and applied with existing fertilizing equipment and techniques. Additionally, GreenHarvest™ formulations can be customized to offer optimal Nitrogen efficiency for specific soil and crop types. Click here to request more information or to inquire about purchasing GreenHarvest™ for crops.