A Tip for Making Biochar - What NOT to Do

I came across a fairly disturbing "official" biochar tutorial video and felt the need to share it here.  It’s a couple years old, but still serves as a good guide for what not to do.

Biochar holds very powerful possibilities for Carbon sequestration and soil enrichment.  In fact, the end product works on soil in much the same way that GreenHarvest™ does, increasing organic matter, nourishing the soil ecosystem and enhancing soil structure and cation exchange capacity.

All these benefits aside, it is important to understand that not just anyone should be making biochar.  Without the proper expertise and equipment, the process can be wasteful and polluting and, at worst, dangerously toxic.

So, if you are inclined to make your own biochar, please take the time to do it the right way (this website has some good information: www.biocharengineering.com).  And whatever you do, don’t do it like this:


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