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In Search of Sustainable Phosphorous

Blog post by Lisa Dirks -- I attended the Sustainable Phosphorus Summit on February 3-5, where Phosphorus experts from around the globe convened to discuss the future of this essential element to life.  When the average person hears the word they may think of high school chemistry and the periodic table, but the speakers and organizers made it a fun topic, sporting pins that said, “P is for people!” and “Save the P[ee]!“. 

Avoiding the Crash: The Importance of Soil Organic Matter

In 2005 Alexandra Bot and Jose Benites of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (“FAO”) published a detailed and insightful Soils Bulletin entitled “The Importance of Soil Organic Matter: Key to drought resistant soil and sustained food production.”  The study goes into great detail defining soil organic matter (“SOM”) and outlining its importance as the sine qua non of healthy agro-ecosystems.

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